Radical online collections and archives

I am very interested in the growing amount of radical literature from around the world that is being scanned and digitised. As there are so many and from many different places, I thought it would be useful to make a list. All of those that are included are free to access (there are others that require some form of subscription). If there are any that I have missed, do let me know, either by commenting below or sending me an email.

African Communist

AKP M-L Historie (Norwegian Maoism)

Amiel and Melburn Trust Internet Archive

Anarchist Library

Anarhiva (Romanian anarchism)

Anglo-Soviet Journal

Anti-Apartheid Movement

Anti-Fascist Action

Antonie Pannekoek Archives (Dutch/German Left Communism)

Arbeiter Zeitung (Social Democrat Party in Austria newspaper)

Archibald Gorrie collection (Leicester centred activism)

Archivo Fundación Pablo Iglesias (Spanish socialist historical documents)

Arm the Spirit (Canadian autonomism)

Assorted Soviet stuff

Assorted communist stuff (via Socialist Truth – Cyprus)

Australian Left Review

Australian Marxist Review

Avanti! (newspaper of the Italian Socialist Party)

Banned Thought (collection of global Maoist literature)

Belgian clandestine press (World War II)

Belgian labour movement history (Amsab ISH)

Biblioteca Gino Bianco (Italian left archive)

Bibliothèque Marxiste (French communism and Maoism)

Bibliothèque Numérique du CERMTRI (French communism and Trotskyism)

Big Flame

Black Liberation Front (UK black power)

Black Panther Party

Broadsheet (NZ feminist magazine)

British Pabloism

Bulgarian Politburo Archive

Bulletin of the Marxist Policy Committee (proto-Oehlerite group)

Bulletin of the 1955 Bandung Conference

Cambodia to Kampuchea

Camera Arhiva (Romanian publications from Cold War era)

Camp Ink (Australian gay rights journal)

Centro de Documentación e Investigación de la Cultura de Izquierdas (includes number of Latin American left-wing journals)

Comintern publications (in Russian)

Comintern Online Archive

Commonweal (Socialist League newspaper)

Communist Review (Australia)

Communist Party of Australia (via Parlinfo)

Communist Party of Australia pamphlets (from State Library of Victoria)

Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) archive

Daily Worker (USA)

Democrazia Proletaria

De Nieuwe Tijd (Dutch social democratic journal 1890s-1910s)

Der Kampf (Austrian socialist journal)

De Tribune (Dutch Communist Party newspaper)

Devrimci Sol (Turkish Marxist-Leninist insurrectionism)

De Waarheid (paper of the Dutch Communist Party)

Die Rote Fahne (paper of the German Communist Party)

Digital Innovation South Africa (including Communist Party and ANC material, as well as Searchlight South Africa)

Direct Action (IWW Australia)

Documents in Revolutionary Socialism in Canada

Early American Marxism 

Early 20th Century Socialist Newspapers (University of Buffalo)

East London Big Flame

El Socialista archive

Entdinglichung (German left history)

Faschismus (German language journal of the International Transport Workers Federation, published during Spanish Civil War)

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

Fortín Mapocho archive (Chile)

Freedom archive (US and international material from 1960s-80s)

Freedom newspaper (London)

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung newspaper archive

Gary Foley Collection

Gay Left

Gegn fasismanum (Icelandic Anti-Fascist Committee in 1930s)

German security documents on left in Germany (1912-1945) in Russian archives

Green Left Weekly (Australia)

Group of Revolutionary Marxists (US Oehlerites from 1940s)

Het Volk (newspaper of Social Democratic Workers Party in Netherlands)

High Times (Australia)

Historical Press of German Social Democracy Online

Il Risveglio (Italian language anti-fascist newspaper in post-war Australia)

Independent Voices (US Alternative Press archive)

Industrial Unionist (New Zealand IWW)

Industrial Worker (US IWW newspaper)

International Labour and Radical History Pamphlet Collection (Canada focused)

International Socialist (Australian newspaper 1910s)

International Times

International Workers Order and Jewish People’s Fraternal Order

Iranian Left Archive

Irish Anarchist History

Irish Democrat

Irish Left Archive

Irish Republican Movement Collection (Indiana University)

Iskra (in Russian)

Iskra Research (pre-October 1917 Russian Marxist journals)

Ismail (links to indexes of scans of Soviet literature on archive.org)

Israeli Left Archive

Jólablað verkakvenna (Women’s section of the Communist Party of Iceland)

Joseph A. Labadie Collection (radical documents with US focus)

Kabul Times (English language newspaper of Afghan Government, including after People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan took power)

Kapitalistate (radical economics journal 1970s-80s)

Koori History

L’Humanité archive (PCF)

La Bataille Socialiste (French)

Labor Archives of Washington

Labour Monthly

Labor Star (British Columbia)

League Against Imperialism

Left Side of the Road (Albania, China, Palestine docs)


Library of the Free (German anarchist focus)

Living Marxism (RCP)

Lobster Magazine

London Workers’ Group archive

Lotta Continua Archive

m/f (feminist journal)

Mao Projekt (German far left)

Maoriland Worker (New Zealand)

Marxism Today

Marxists InternetArchive

Matzpen Document Archive

Modern Records Centre at University of Warwick (featuring collections on Chilean Solidarity campaign, journal of the Fire Brigades’ Union, the 1926 General Strike, the Russian Revolution in Britain, British involvement in Spanish Civil War)

Movimento Reorganizativo do Partido do Proletariado (Portguese Maoism)

Negro Labor News Service

Negro Worker

Neisti (Icelandic Trotskyism)

Nordic Documentation on the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa

North Korean serials

Noticias de Hoy (Cuban Communist Party newspaper)

Oz (Sydney)

Oz (London)

Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya

Party of Labour of Albania archive

Pio La Torre archive (Italian Communist figure)

Political and Rights Issues and Social Movements collection

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine historical documents

Portail Archives Politiques Recherches Indexation Komintern et Fonds Français (French Comintern documents)

Pravda issues from 1917 (in Russian)

Rabochaya Gazeta (RSDLP exile paper in Paris)

Rabotnitsa (Russian socialist women’s journal from 1914)

RADAR Project (New Zealand left history)

Radical America

Rauði fáninn (Icelandic Young Communist League)

Rauðir pennar (Icelandic Marxist literature journal)

Reason in Revolt

Reassembler, diffuser les archives de révolutionnaries (French Trotskyist archive)

Red Action

Red and Black Notes (Anarchism in Australia)

Red Army Faction

Red Mole Rising

Reds/Die Roten (English/German left texts)

Revolution (Australia)

Revolutionary Communist Group publications

Revolutionary Democracy (Indian Stalinism)

Rise Up! (Canadian feminist archive)

Robarts Library (University of Toronto collection – assorted communist publications)

Rudé Právo (paper of the Czech Communist Party)

Ruth First Papers

Samstaða gegn her í landi (Icelandic anti-militarism paper from 1970s)

Second International archive (at IISH)

Social Democratic Party of Germany press archive (via Friedrich Ebert Stiftung)

Socialisme ou Barbarie

Socialist Party of Australia (via Parlinfo)

Socialist Register 

Socialist Standard Past & Present  (SPGB)

Socialist Workers Party (Australian SWP via Parlinfo)

Socialist Youth Review (Schachtmanite group)

Sojourner Truth Organisation archive

Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library (US)

Sovétvinurinn (Friends of the Soviet Union in Iceland)

Soviet Photography

Spare Rib

Sparrow’s Nest (UK anarchist and Nottingham centred activism)

Spirit of Revolt (Scottish anarchism)

Splits and Fusions (British Trotskyist history)

Spunk Library (1990s anarchism)

Stasi and RAF documents

Stéttabaráttan (Icelandic Maoism)

Students for a Democratic Society documents

Tandana (Asian Youth Movement)

Teamster Magazine

The Communist (Australia)

The Communist (USA)

The Digger (Australia)

The Leninist

The Living Daylights (Australia)

The Militant (Australian Trotskyism in 1930s)

The Socialist (Victorian Socialist Party, 1906-1923)

The Spark (Communist Party of Canada)

The Struggle Site (Irish anarchism documents)

Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa

Turkey Social History Research Foundation (Turkish left documents)

Turkey Social History Research Foundation (Turkish left periodicals)

Tyneside Anarchist Archive

Under the Banner of Marxism (Soviet journal in Russian)

University of Alberta World Communism in the 20th Century Collection

Vietnamese Communist Party documents

Vooruit (newspaper of the Belgian Workers Party)

Wits Historical Papers (includes material on Communist Party of South Africa and ANC)

Women’s Liberation Movement Print Culture

The Worker (first journal of CPGB)

Workers’ Dreadnought

Workers’ Star (Communist Party of Australia – Perth newspaper)

Workers’ Weekly (Australia)

Young Socialist League of Australia (via Parlinfo)

Zimbabwe Review (Zimbabwe African People’s Union)

Zimmerwald (Swedish socialist journal from 1918-21)

Zürich in Summer 1968