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I am very interested in the growing amount of radical literature from around the world that is being scanned and digitised. As there are so many and from many different places, I thought it would be useful to make a list. All of those that are included are free to access (there are others that require some form of subscription). If there are any that I have missed or if any links are broken, do let me know, either by commenting below or sending me an email.

Edit (Feb 2022): I have added categories of the list below for ease of finding the relevant collections.


Kabul Times (English language newspaper of Afghan Government, including after People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan took power)


Party of Labour of Albania archive


Anarchist Library

Emma Goldman papers (from University of Berkeley)

Freedom newspaper (London)


Library of the Free (German anarchist focus)

LIDIAP (List of Digitised Anarchist Periodicals)

Rudolf Rocker Papers (via IISH)

SchNEWS archive

Spunk Library (1990s anarchism)


African Activist Archive Project (US solidarity with African struggles)

Anti-Apartheid Movement

Nordic Documentation on the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa

Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa


Bulletin of the 1955 Bandung Conference

League Against Imperialism


Anti-Fascist Action

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism journal

Il Risveglio (Italian language anti-fascist newspaper in post-war Australia)

La Vérité (French anti-fascist journal in New York 1941)


El Topo Blindado (The Armoured Mole – documents from Argentinian underground during the dictatorship)

Pasado y Presente archive (Argentinian left book series of Marxist texts in Spanish)


Early Armenian Printed Documents (from British Library, includes newspapers and journals from Armenian labour groups and from Soviet Armenia)


Australian Left Review

Australian Marxist Review

Communist Review (Australia)

Communist Party of Australia (via Parlinfo)

Communist Party of Australia pamphlets (from State Library of Victoria)

Direct Action (IWW Australia)

Gary Foley Collection

Green Left Weekly (Australia)

High Times (Australia)

International Socialist (Australian newspaper 1910s)

Koori History

Marxist Left Review/Socialist Review (Socialist Alternative/ISO theoretical journal)

Noel Butlin Archives Centre (Australian labour history)

Reason in Revolt

Red and Black Notes (Anarchism in Australia)

Revolution (Australia)

Socialist Alternative (includes archive of Revolutionary Socialist Party & Doug Lorimer (former SWP/DSP writer))

Socialist Party of Australia (via Parlinfo)

Socialist Workers Party (Australian SWP via Parlinfo)

The Australian Communist (early CPA newspaper)

The Communist (Australia)

The Dawn (19th century feminist journal)

The Digger (Australia)

The Living Daylights (Australia)

The Militant (Australian Trotskyism in 1930s)

The Socialist (Victorian Socialist Party, 1906-1923)

Unemployed Workers Online Community Archive (Australia)

Workers’ Star (Communist Party of Australia – Perth newspaper)

Workers’ Weekly (Australia)

Young Socialist League of Australia (via Parlinfo)


Arbeiter Zeitung (Social Democrat Party in Austria newspaper)

Der Kampf (Austrian socialist journal)

Revolution 1848 (Austrian leaflets and newspapers from the 1848 revolution)

Transcripts of Social Democratic Party in Austria conferences (1888-1919)

Austrian Trotskyist Archive 


Belgian clandestine press (World War II)

Belgian labour movement history (Amsab ISH)

Vooruit (newspaper of the Belgian Workers Party)

Black radicalism

African Letters Project (correspondence between American and African activists)

Black Liberation Front (UK black power)

Black Panther Party

Negro Labor News Service

Negro Worker

SNCC Digital Gateway

The Commentator (newsletter of The Commemoration Committee of the Black Panther Party)

The Negro Liberator 

WEB DuBois Papers


Brazilian Digital Newspaper Library (includes a number of communist, socialist and syndicalist newspapers)


A. Sivanandan archive

Alliance for Workers’ Liberty archive (includes AWL’s predecessor orgs back to Workers’ Fight)

Amiel and Melburn Trust Internet Archive

Anglo-Soviet Journal

Archibald Gorrie collection (Leicester centred activism)

Big Flame

British Pabloism

Commonweal (Socialist League newspaper)

Community Action archive (via Spaces of Hope website)

East London Big Flame

Fabian Society and the Young Fabians 

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

General Federation of Trade Unions archive (via Bishopsgate Institute)

George Lansbury Archive 

Hackney Free Press

Hackney Heckler (newspaper of the Hackney Solidarity Gorup)

Institute for Workers Control pamphlets

Labour Monthly

Leftove.rs (collection of various left/radical collections from across the web, including Race TodayBig Flame and Spare Rib)

Living Marxism (RCP)

London Workers’ Group archive

Marxism Today

May Day Rooms (assorted materials, with libertarian socialist leaning)

Race Today archive

Radical Philosophy 

Red Action

Red Mole Rising

Revolutionary Communist Group publications

Socialist Affairs 

Socialist Register 

Socialist Renewal 

Socialist Standard Past & Present  (SPGB)

Socialist Standard (SPGB – Internet Archive)

Somerset Clarion (journal of The Somerset Community Defence Campaign, 1985-97)

Sparrow’s Nest (UK anarchist and Nottingham centred activism)

Spirit of Revolt (Scottish anarchism)

Splits and Fusions (British Trotskyist history)

Tandana (Asian Youth Movement)

The Leninist

The Red Miner (Workers Power journal during Miners’ Strike)

Trades Union Congress Annual Conference Reports 

Trotskyist Bulletin (journal of the League for a Revolutionary Communist International)

Tyneside Anarchist Archive

Sidney and Beatrice Webb archive (via LSE)

What Next? journal

Wirral Socialists (Socialist Party of Great Britain material)

The Worker (first journal of CPGB)

Workers’ Dreadnought

Workers Power/League for the Fifth International archive


Bulgarian Politburo Archive

Kultura (cultural periodical throughout communist and post-communist period)


Cambodia to Kampuchea


Arm the Spirit (Canadian autonomism)

Documents in Revolutionary Socialism in Canada

Dragonfly Archive (Canadian anarchist movements)

Labor Star (British Columbia)

Socialist Party of Canada

The Spark (Communist Party of Canada)

Vapuas (Finnish Communist newspaper in Canada)


Fortín Mapocho archive (Chile)


Hongse Zhonghua (Chinese Communist Party newspaper)

Liberation Daily (Chinese Communist Party newspaper)

People’s Daily (Chinese Communist Party newspaper)

Xin Zhonghua bao (Chinese Communist Party newspaper)

Communist International/Cominform

Comintern publications (in Russian)

Comintern Online Archive

For a Lasting Peace, For a People’s Democracy (Cominform journal)

Portail Archives Politiques Recherches Indexation Komintern et Fonds Français (French Comintern documents)

Protocols of the Communist International (in German)


Noticias de Hoy (Cuban Communist Party newspaper)


Rudé Právo (paper of the Czech Communist Party)


Snylterstaten (Danish Maoism and radical anti-imperialism)


Revolutionary Communist League (Egyptian Trotskyists)


Assorted Ethiopian literature (related to Derg and Mengistu government)


Broadsheet (NZ feminist magazine)

Féminismes en Revue (French feminist journals)

m/f (feminist journal)

Rise Up! (Canadian feminist archive)

Spare Rib

Women’s Liberation Movement Print Culture

First International

Documents of the First International (in French)

Minute Book of the General Council of the International Workingmen’s Association (via Bishopsgate Institute)


Archives.Mai68 (Japanese/French archive of May 1968 material)

Archives Autonomies (French language material)

Bibliothèque Marxiste (French communism and Maoism)

Bibliothèque Numérique du CERMTRI (French communism and Trotskyism)

BnF Gallica (various links to French Communist Party papers)

Brochures of the Marxist Library of Paris

Cahiers Léon Trotsky

Centre de Recherche pour l’Alternative Sociale (CRAS) (French radical journals)

Congresses of the French Section of the Workers’ International (SFIO) (1899-1920)

Jean Jaurès’ Historie socialiste de la Révolution Française (8 volumes)

L’Humanité archive (PCF)

La Bataille Socialiste (French)

Odysséo (French migrant and anti-racism archive)

Pandor (Politics, Social Criticism and Social Movements collections) 

Reassembler, diffuser les archives de révolutionnaries (RADAR – French Trotskyist archive)

Socialisme ou Barbarie


Arbeiterpolitik newspaper 

Collection 1848 (German leaflets from 1848 revolution)

Der Sozialistische Arzt (German socialist medical journal)

Die Internationale (journal of the KPD from 1919 to 1924)

Die Kommuistin (newspaper of KPD’s women’s section, edited by Clara Zetkin)

Die Kommunistische Fraueninternationale (1921-1925)

Die Rote Fahne (paper of the German Communist Party)

Entdinglichung (German left history)

Exilpresse Digital (Publications of exiles from Nazi Germany)

Ferdinand Lasalle archive

Friedens Forum (newsletters of the German Peace Network)

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung newspaper archive

German security documents on left in Germany (1912-1945) in Russian archives

Historical Press of German Social Democracy Online

IMSF Jahrbuchen (Institut für Marxistiche Studien und Forschungen yearbooks)

Internationales Ärztliches Bulletin (Exiled German socialist medical journal from 1930s)

Kapitalistate (radical economics journal 1970s-80s)

Kommunistiche Arbeiterzeitung (KAZ – from 1990s)

Kritische Justiz journal archive

Mao Projekt (German far left)

Marxistische Streit und Zeitschrift journal archive

Politische Berichte (West German left from 1980s)

PROKLA journal (formerly Problems of Class Struggle/Probleme des Klassenkampfs journal)

Red Army Faction

Revolutionzären Zellen/Rote Zora 

Rosa Luxemburg archive 

Social Democratic Party of Germany press archive (via Friedrich Ebert Stiftung)

Socialist Women’s Conferences in Germany and Austria, 1900-1913

Stasi and RAF documents

Telegraph (East German opposition journal)

Women’s Conference of the SPD (1900-1911)


The Spark (weekly Ghanaian journal for international audience – Nkrumahist)


Zala-Népakarat (newspaper of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, 1919)

Human rights

Statewatch Bulletin


Gegn fasismanum (Icelandic Anti-Fascist Committee in 1930s)

Jólablað verkakvenna (Women’s section of the Communist Party of Iceland)

Neisti (Icelandic Trotskyism)

Rauði fáninn (Icelandic Young Communist League)

Rauðir pennar (Icelandic Marxist literature journal)

Samstaða gegn her í landi (Icelandic anti-militarism paper from 1970s)

Sovétvinurinn (Friends of the Soviet Union in Iceland)

Stéttabaráttan (Icelandic Maoism)


Bāg̲h̲ī/Viplav (Marxist Indian independence journal)

Dēśabratī (Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) newspaper)

Frontier (Indian Marxist journal)

Janayuddha (journal of Bengali Committee of the Communist Party of India, 1942-44)

Krānti (Telugu language journal of the Communist Party of India (Marxist))

Mārkcist (Tamil language journal of the Communist Party of India (Marxist))

New Age (Communist Party of India journal 1958-65)

Revolutionary Democracy (Indian Stalinism)

Viplava (Marxist Indian independence journal)

Viplavī ṭrekṭa (Marxist Indian independence journal)


Iranian Left Archive

Ireland and Irish republicanism

Class Struggle (journal of Irish Workers Group)

Desmond Greaves archive (Irish Marxist and CPGB member) 

Irish Anarchist History

Irish Citizen (Irish Women’s Franchise League) 

Irish Democrat

Irish Election Literature (Irish left category)

Irish Labour History Society/Dublin City Library and Archive collection (via Digital Repository of Ireland)

Irish Left Archive

Irish Republican Movement Collection (Indiana University)

Socialist Worker (Ireland) archive

The Irish Worker 

The Struggle Site (Irish anarchism documents)

The Watchword (Irish TUC newspaper 1930-32)


Israeli Left Archive

Matzpen Document Archive


Archivo Autonomia (Italian autonomism/operaismo)

Avanti! (newspaper of the Italian Socialist Party)

Biblioteca Gino Bianco (Italian left archive)

Democrazia Proletaria

Lotta Continua Archive

Pio La Torre archive (Italian Communist figure)

Jewish radicalism

⁨⁨Fraye Arbayṭer Shṭime (Yiddish anarchist newspaper)

International Workers Order and Jewish People’s Fraternal Order

Jungt Veker (Journal of Tsukunft (Future) Youth movement of the Bund in Poland)

Labour and Socialist International

Labour and Socialist International Archives (via IISH)

Latin America

Anarchist and Syndicalist Periodicals from Latin America

Centro de Documentación e Investigación de la Cultura de Izquierdas (includes number of Latin American left-wing journals)

Latin American Digital Initiatives (includes material from Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia)


Lebanese new left in the 1960s-70s (via the IISH)


Body Politic (Canadian gay liberation journal)

Camp Ink (Australian gay rights journal)

Cork LGBT Archive (via Digital Repository of Ireland)

Gay Left

Gay Liberation Front (via Bishopsgate Institute)

Lesbians Talk Issues (UK lesbian pamphlets via Bishopsgate Institute)

LGBTQIA+ Periodical and Ephemera Collection (via Princeton University)


Banned Thought (collection of global Maoist literature)

Massline.org (features Peking Review and People’s China collections)


Archivo Rebelde/Rebel Archive (leftist newspapers, primarily Spanish language)

Assorted Soviet stuff

Assorted communist stuff (via Socialist Truth – Cyprus)

Centre of Marxist Studies digital archive

International Labour and Radical History Pamphlet Collection (Canada focused)

Left Side of the Road (Albania, China, Palestine docs)

Mara Cagol Memorial Library 

Marxists Internet Archive

Modern Records Centre at University of Warwick (featuring collections on Chilean Solidarity campaign, journal of the Fire Brigades’ Union, the 1926 General Strike, the Russian Revolution in Britain, British involvement in Spanish Civil War)

Monoskop (Avant-garde and modernist magazines)

Next Year Country (assorted US and Canadian material)

Political and Rights Issues and Social Movements collection

Rebel Archive (leftist newspapers, primarily Spanish language)

Reds/Die Roten (English/German left texts)

Robarts Library (University of Toronto collection – assorted communist publications)

University of Alberta World Communism in the 20th Century Collection

Zines archive (includes a number of anarchist and left communist publications from around the world) 


Antonie Pannekoek Archives (Dutch/German Left Communism)

De Nieuwe Tijd (Dutch social democratic journal 1890s-1910s)

De Tribune (Dutch Communist Party newspaper)

De Waarheid (paper of the Dutch Communist Party)

Henk Sneevliet documents (via IISH)

Het Volk (newspaper of Social Democratic Workers Party in Netherlands)

Marxist Perspectives (Dutch journal from late 1970s)

New left/1960s

Freedom archive (US and international material from 1960s-80s)

International Times

Oz (Sydney)

Oz (London)

New Zealand

Communist Party of New Zealand

Industrial Unionist (New Zealand IWW)

International Socialist Organisation 

Maoriland Worker (New Zealand)

RADAR Project (New Zealand left history)

Socialist Worker NZ

North Korea

North Korean serials


AKP M-L Historie (Norwegian Maoism)

Alarm (Norwegian anarchist newspaper)

Norges Kommunistblad (Communist Party of Norway newspaper)


⁨⁨Ittihad Al-‘Ummal (Palestinian workers journal from 1920s)

Nidal al-Sha’b (newspaper of Palestinian Communist Party)

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine historical documents


Covert Action Information Bulletin

Lobster Magazine


Gunita: Mga Pahina Mula sa Panahon ng Diktadura (Filipino archive of movement against Marcos dictatorship)


Dziennik Polski (regional Polish paper from communist era)

Europejskie Centrum Solidarność (archive of Polish Solidarity movement)


Long Live Posadas! (collection of writings by J. Posadas) 


Movimento Reorganizativo do Partido do Proletariado (Portguese Maoism)


Anarhiva (Romanian anarchism)

Camera Arhiva (Romanian publications from Cold War era)

Second International

Proceedings of the Congresses of the Second International, 1889-1912 

Second International archive (at IISH)

Second International newspapers online (via IISH)


Halgan (English language journal of Somalian Revolutionary Socialist Party)

South Africa

African Communist

Azania Combat (journal of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army)

Digital Innovation South Africa (including Communist Party and ANC material, as well as Searchlight South Africa)

Hashim Mbita Southern African Liberation Struggles 

Ruth First Papers

The International (newspaper of International League of the South African Labour Party/Communist Party of South Africa)

Wits Historical Papers (includes material on Communist Party of South Africa and ANC)

Soviet Union/Russia

British Ally (Soviet newspaper from WWII)

Congresses of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (1899-1924)

Friends of Soviet Russia

Geroicheskii Pokhod (Red Army newspaper in WWII)

Iskra (in Russian)

Iskra Research (pre-October 1917 Russian Marxist journals)

Ismail (links to indexes of scans of Soviet literature on archive.org)

KGB journals

Kommari Library, (collection of Russian-language communist books and books on communism)

Kommunar (Russian journal from early 1920s)

Krasnyy Arhiv (Soviet historical journal) (alternative site)

Krokodil (Soviet satirical journal)

Moskovskii Bolshevik (1941-42)

Moskovskii Bolshevik (1944-1947)

NEP era publications from Soviet Union

New Life (Bolshevik newspaper from 1905)

New Life (Menshevik newspaper from 1917-18)

Newspapers of the Soviet Period

Oparinskaya Iskra (Soviet journal from Kirov region)

Pioneer (Soviet journal for children)

Pravda issues from 1917 (in Russian)

Princeton University Soviet journals collection

Rabochaya Gazeta (RSDLP exile paper in Paris)

Rabotnik (Russian Marxist journal from late 1890s)

Rabotnitsa (Russian socialist women’s journal from 1914)

Red Army Air Force 

Revolution and Highlander (Soviet Adygean journal)

RSDLP/RCP(b) Congresses 1898-1927

Russian exile publications (from UB Bern – Swiss Library of Eastern Europe)

Sovetskoe Zdravookhranenie (Soviet Healthcare journal) 

Soviet Altai publications

Soviet Belorussian publications (1919-1939)

Soviet Bloc security documents (conferences between Soviet aligned nations)

Soviet Culture Review (English language journal of VOKS)

Soviet Ingush publications

Soviet Karelian publications

Soviet Kazakh journals

Soviet Khakassia (Russian)

Soviet Komi newspapers

Soviet Kuldiga (Latvia)

Soviet Tatar publications

Soviet Photography

Transcripts of Bolshevik/CPSU Congresses

Tribuna (journal of the Society for the Land Arrangement of Jewish Workers in the USSR)

Truth of the East (Soviet Uzbek paper)

Ukrainian Soviet newspapers in 1920s

Under the Banner of Marxism (Soviet journal in Russian)

Voice of Uzbekistan (Soviet Uzbek paper)

Yoshkar Keche (CPSU paper in Mari Republic)


Alexandria Proletaria (Spanish language Marxist texts from Germinal group)

Archivo Fundación Pablo Iglesias (Spanish socialist historical documents)

Archivo Obrero Newspaper Library (Spanish language publications)

Centre de Documentació Antiautoritari i llibertari (Spanish anarchism)

Centro de Estudios Históricos de los Trabajadores y las Izquierdas (CEHTI) (collection of Spanish trade union journals)

Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) archive

El Socialista archive

Germinal – In Defence of Marxism archive (Spanish Trotskyism)

Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya

Spanish Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Digital Library

Canada and the Spanish Civil War Digital Repository 

Faschismus (German language journal of the International Transport Workers Federation, published during Spanish Civil War)

Sri Lanka

Dissidents and Activists in Sri Lanka, 1960s to 1990s 


Zimmerwald (Swedish socialist journal from 1918-21)


Swiss historical periodical archive (includes Neue WegeRote Revue, Die Vorkämpferin and Gewerkschaftliche Rundschau)

Swiss newspaper archive (includes several socialist, anarchist and trade union newspapers, such as La Sentinelle, Le Réveil Anarchiste  and Il Risveglio Anarchico)

Zürich in Summer 1968

Trade unions

Teamster Magazine

The Organizer (Newspaper of the Minneapolis Teamsters’ strike in 1934)


Bulletin of the Marxist Policy Committee (proto-Oehlerite group)

Group of Revolutionary Marxists (US Oehlerites from 1940s)

Trotsky’s writings in Russian 


Devrimci Sol (Turkish Marxist-Leninist insurrectionism)

Turkey Social History Research Foundation (Turkish left documents)

Turkey Social History Research Foundation (Turkish left periodicals)


Chervone Zaporoizhzhya (Ukrainian)

United States

American Left Ephemera Collection (University of Pittsburgh)

Brooklyn College, Student Handbills 

Chronicling America (newspaper database including many regional labour/workers’ newspapers and left-leaning newspapers of European diaspora communities in the US)

Columbia in Crisis (1968 at Columbia University exhibition documents)

Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft records

Communist Party in Massachusetts collection 

Communist Workers Group (including Workers’ Banner journal)

Conventions (Congresses) of the Socialist Party of America (1901-1919)

Daily Worker (CPUSA newspapers, scans available from 1924-1935)

Daily Worker (CPUSA newspapers, scans available from 1924-1935 – searchable version via University of Illinois)

Democratic Left/New American Movement

Detroit Revolutionary Movement Records 

Earl Browder Collection (via Syracuse University)

Early American Marxism 

Early 20th Century Socialist Newspapers (University of Buffalo)

Fifth Estate archive (US left journal)

Fourth International/International Socialist Review

GI Press Collection, 1964-1977 (anti-war veterans’ movement in US)

Howard Zinn digital collection

Independent Voices (US Alternative Press archive)

Industrial Worker (US IWW newspaper)

International News (International Contact Commission/Fourth International journal)

James B. and John J. McNamara Papers (University of Cincinnati) 

Joseph A. Labadie Collection (radical documents with US focus)

Labor Archives of Washington

Liberation News Service

Monthly Review (via UNZ)

Perspectiva Mundial (Spanish language journal of US SWP)

Prairie Fire Organising Committee archive

Progressive Librarian journal archive

Radical America

Radical Democracy Project

Radical Society (Socialist Revolution/Socialist Review journals)

Revolutionary Workers Group 

Social Change collection (Mass Amherst)

Socialist Action

Socialist Party of America (including The Worker newspaper)

Socialist Workers Party Political Committee documents (US SWP)

Socialist Youth Review (Schachtmanite group)

Sojourner Truth Organisation archive

Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library (US)

South Asian American Digital Archive (Activism folder)

Soviet Russia Today/New World Review (US pro-Soviet journal) 

Students for a Democratic Society documents

The Alarm (Chicago 1880s)

The Communist (USA)

The Militant Archive (SWP newspaper)

Theodore W. Allen Papers

The Party Builder (Chicago based newspaper of the Socialist Party of America, 1912-14)

The Voice of Industry (1840s US labour movement newspaper)

Western Socialist

Workers Power (US)

Workers Truth (journal of Revolutionary Workers Group)


Vietnamese Communist Party documents


Archive of the Antifascist Women’s Front of Yugoslavia

Archive of Yugoslav Humanities

Digital National Library of Serbia (contains a sizeable collection of interwar-era communist newspapers)

Praxis journal 

Varaždinske Vijesti (Yugoslav paper in Croatian)

Znaci.org (repository of books and documents on the Second World War in Yugoslavia in Serbo-Croatian, German, and English)


Zimbabwe Review (Zimbabwe African People’s Union)

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