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This is the blog/website of Dr Evan Smith. I am currently a Lecturer in History in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Flinders University, South Australia. I am also a Visiting Research Fellow (History) in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide. I have previously held a number of positions in academia and in the public service.

My research interests span the disciplines of history, politics and criminology and with a geographical focus on Britain, Australia, South Africa and Ireland, as well as some work on the USA, Canada and New Zealand. I have published widely on the topics of social movements, political extremism, national security, borders and free speech.

If you have any connected research interests, please get in touch. My email is evan [dot] smith [at] flinders [dot] edu [dot] au.

9 responses to “about me”

  1. Hello, just wanted to let you know that this is far and away the best blog description I have encountered in my long history of… reading blog descriptions. its so lovely to encounter academics who not only have similar research interests as me but also have the same passion for inter-Thatcher years UK bands and zine-making as I do. Best of luck to you, if you’re ever in Montreal, don’t be shy.

  2. I have only just come across this excellent website and blog. I am not a historian, just an old grump but I needed to check on the three day week (yes I was there, trying to help during yet another energy crisis) and up came this “hatful”. I am sure I shall refer to this often, now that I have found it. Thank you for getting these facts about “recent now” onto the record in this way. I have already found further information I want to follow on here – about UK border control policies and enforcements.
    A very appreciative Polly

  3. […] Evan Smith at Hatful of History has published a five-part series on what the Young Ones can teach us about Thatcherism.  (Those of you who teach modern British history might want to take some cues from him on this–his posts are full of video links, which will entertain as well as inform your students!) […]

  4. Evan
    I am keen to read your piece about Southall 1979. I am a Wellington NZ based teacher with a particular interest in Southall, as I have a relative who was with 1 Unit SPG on the day. I have poured through the documents released by the MPS in 2010/11. Do you have a published work I could consult?

  5. So much of what you write about is relevant to big issues of contemporary societies Evan. I’m from a marginalised community that has been taking a kicking from the Right Wing talking heads these last few years, the methods and discourses used against my community have become more prevalent against other groups deemed to be “other”. The knowledge im gaining from reading your blog, articles and your book (when the bookshops open in Glasgow) gives me the tools to challenge the rhetoric of the extreme Right. Thanks.

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