10 memes for your next referee report

Inspired by this tweet:

I thought I’d create some ‘hilarious’ memes for easy insertion into your next referee report…

1. Often found in history referee reports… 679537     2. When an article makes big claims… 679514 3. When you get an article on the topic you’ve been working on for the last five years and no references to any of your work… 679581 4. The hard to follow abstract… 679615 5. When you get an article on Buffy, Angel, The X-Files or Clueless 679661 6. When someone cites Dominic Sandbrook… 679720 7. When you get to the end of an article and realise you haven’t understood a word… 679753 8. Please keep your footnotes tidy… 679790 9. When someone cites Zizek (or the later works of Chomsky)… 679814 And

10. The catch-all meme… CJikV3IUcAE4_R8 On a serious note, please remember to be kind when reviewing other people’s work. In the words of Rebecca Schuman (or Adam Hills), don’t be a dick.

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