Phillips on the modern immigration control system

Hello everybody. I’m massively busy working towards a deadline, getting the book on the body and border control ready for submission this week. But rather than not post anything, I thought I’d post this quote that we use in the introduction to our book. It is from Kristen Phillips’ 2009 PhD thesis, ‘Immigration Detention, Containment Fantasies and the Gendering of Political Status in Australia’ (downloadable here).

The modern state… can tolerate and ‘cultivate’ a population which includes even bodies of a ‘different race’ as long as ordering mechanisms for managing this difference (for which an idea of nation in racial terms remains a central defining trope) are upheld. Of key importance is the fact that migrants enter the nation-state under the control and surveillance of that biopolitical state, and can be known, categorised and positioned in the social hierarchy effectively. (p. 20)

Here’s to book draft submission!

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