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  • Southall 1979 pamphlet

    Today is the anniversary of the police riot in Southall on 23 April, 1979 when police attempted to break up a demonstration against the National Front outside Southall Town Hall. There were numerous injuries and over 300 arrests, while one protestor, Blair Peach, was killed. Recently declassified files reveal much more about what happened at…

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  • The Communist Party and the 1981 riots

    Over the weekend of April 10-12 1981 (34 years ago this last weekend), black and white youth rioted on the streets of Brixton and these riots, along with the riots that spread across the country’s inner cities in July of the same year, became a symbol of the unrest caused by Thatcherism, as well as…

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  • July 3, 1981: The beginning of Britain’s summer on fire

    On Friday July 3, 1981 (less than three months after the Brixton riots of April the same year), riots broke out in Toxteth, an inner-city part of Liverpool. Lasting over the weekend, these riots coincided with unrest occurring in Southall in London where large scale fighting broke out between local Asian youth and the police. Over…

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