UK events

I am leaving for the UK for research and will be travelling for the next few weeks, taking in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Nottingham and Birmingham. Here are a few of the events that I will be speaking at:

Tuesday, 25th June – ‘From Subversives to Snow Flakes: Fifty Years of Fears of Student Politics and Free Speech on Campus’, IHR Life Cycles seminar series, SOAS rmT102, Russel Square Building 22 (5.30pm)

Wednesday, 26th June – Book launch for paperback edition of Waiting for the Revolution: The British Far Left from 1956 (with Matthew Worley and John Kelly), Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London (7pm)

Thursday, 27th June – Book launch for Haymarket paperback edition of British Communism and the Politics of Race (with Daryl Leeworthy), Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street, London (6.30pm)

Monday, 1st July – Book launch for paperback edition of Waiting for the Revolution: The British Far Left from 1956 (with Phil Burton-Cartledge), Five Leaves Bookshop, 14A Long Row, Nottingham (7pm)

There may also be an event in Manchester. When details are confirmed, I will post again.


#BoycottMorrissey – the end of Hatful of History

I am in the process of changing my online presence from the ‘Hatful of History’ moniker. While I remain a fan of The Smiths, I cannot, in good faith, remain a fan of Morrissey while he promotes the far right and espouses xenophobic views. This article in The Guardian explains the conscious uncoupling that Morrissey/Smiths fans are having to go through at the moment.

For me, this means removing an explicit reference to Morrissey from my online identity. I have changed my twitter handle to @evanishistory and the same with Instagram. I am in the process of working out how to transfer this blog to a new URL.

Hopefully this blog will have new identity in the near future!

Talk for SA History Festival – 11 May, Box Factory, 2pm

Adelaide peeps, I have been invited by the South Australian branch of the Labour History Society to give a talk as part of South Australia’s History Festival. I will be discussing the book that I co-edited with Jon Piccini and Matthew Worley, The Far Left in Australia since 1945, particularly how we put it together and why this kind of history is needed now. See the flyer below for event details.

There will be copies of the book on sale. If you can’t make it, you can order it from Routledge here (currently at a discount price!).

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 7.18.46 pm

New article on Corbyn and the historical context of the 2017 Labour manifesto

Very excited to announce that British Politics has published an article by myself and Rob Manwaring on Jeremy Corbyn and the 2017 Labour Party manifesto in historical context. You can access a free version of the article here.

Far left book launch at Historical Materialism Sydney (13 Dec)


I am happy to announce that Jon Piccini and I will be launching the book that we have co-edited with Matthew Worley, The Far Left in Australian since 1945, at Historical Materialism Sydney next month. Joining Jon and I will be contributors Ana Stevenson and Isabelle Barrett Meyering, as well as Hannah Forsyth.

The launch will be at the University of Sydney Business School on Thursday 13 December at 4.15pm. More details about HM Sydney are here.

If you can’t attend the book launch, you can still pick the book up on sale for only $40 from Routledge here. Or if you’re in Melbourne, grab a copy from the New International Bookshop.

New covers for paperback editions of books on the history of the British far left

I am very happy to announce that for the new paperback editions of Against the Grain and Waiting for the Revolution – our two books on the British far left from 1956 – Manchester University Press have designed new covers for each volume. Inspired by the left-wing pamphlets of the 1970s, Matt and I are excited to see them!


The new edition of Against the Grain is available to order now from here.


The new edition of Waiting for the Revolution is available for pre-order here. It will be published in March 2019.

Paperback edition of ‘British Communism and the Politics of Race’ is ready for pre-order!

This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that the paperback edition of my book British Communism and the Politics of Race will be out next month through Haymarket Books. You can pre-order it now here.

You can read an interview I did with Selim Nadi for the Historical Materialism blog about the book here. And you can read an interview I did Alex Carnovic for the CPGB’s Weekly Worker here.