• Article on polarisation in Jacobin

    I am very excited to announce that Jacobin published a piece by Aurelien Mondon and myself on the centrist myth of polarisation and the false equivalence of radicalism on the right and left in the liberal mainstream. You can read the piece here. Aurelien and I are also pleased to see that it has been […]

  • Special journal issue on Global Maoisms

    I am very excited to announce that the special issue of Twentieth Century Communism journal that I edited on Global Maoisms has been published. You can find the issue here. My introduction is free to download, as well as two other articles – one on Maoism in Hong Kong and one on Maoism in Greece.

  • CFP: The British Far Left from 1956 (new volume)

    CALL FOR PAPERS: THE BRITISH FAR LEFT FROM 1956 (NEW VOLUME) It has been five years since we published Waiting for the Revolution: The British Far Left from 1956 and the scholarship on the history of the British left has grown considerably in this time. We are also starting to see historical analysis of the […]

  • New book on history of fascism and anti-fascism in Australia is now ready for pre-order

    This is just a quick announcement that the book that I have co-edited with Jayne Persian and Vashti Jane Fox, Histories of Fascism and Anti-Fascism in Australia, is now available for pre-order. The book is part of Routledge’s Fascism and the Far Right series and will be out in December 2022. If you order at […]

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