CFP: The British Far Left from 1956 (new volume)


It has been five years since we published Waiting for the Revolution: The British Far Left from 1956 and the scholarship on the history of the British left has grown considerably in this time. We are also starting to see historical analysis of the British left during the Corbyn era and its continuities/discontinuities with the past. With this in mind, we are looking to put together another volume on the British left from the 1950s to the present and calling for abstracts for potential chapters. We are particularly looking for histories of:

  • Maoism in Britain
  • The left and diaspora politics in Britain (for example the Indian Workers Associations, Turkish Marxist-Leninists, African radicals in exile)
  • Solidarity campaigns and the left (for example Palestine, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Vietnam, Chile)
  • Black radicalism in Britain (for example the British Black Panthers, Black Unity and Freedom Party)
  • The left and ‘identity politics’
  • The left and issues of gender and sexuality
  • The left and issues of race
  • The left and changing notions of class
  • The left and trade union politics
  • The policing of the left and the security services/undercover policing
  • The left and complaints of abuse within the left
  • The Labour left and the radical left (all eras)
  • The British left in the post-Cold War era
  • The left and the anti-war movements in the 1990s/2000s
  • The left and prisoner solidarity groups

Abstracts on any other aspect of the British left are also welcome. We are interested in studies which draw from across the organisations and movements of the left in Britain, especially those with a comparative aspect. We are also seeking studies of the various groups of the far left, especially the Socialist Labour League/Workers Revolutionary Party, the International Marxist Group, Spartacist League, Revolutionary Communist Group, Revolutionary Communist Party and Big Flame. Comparisons between the British left and international parties are also desired.

Please send abstracts to (cc in and by 17 October, 2022

Evan Smith, Matthew Worley and Daniel Frost


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