Collected reviews of ‘No Platform’ book

My book, No Platform: A History of Anti-Fascism, Universities and the Limits of Free Speech, has been out for a year and has been reviewed in several publications. I thought I’d collect them here, particularly as they’re an easy reference point for me then.

Review by Nick Hillman in Times Higher Education.

Mike Makin-Waite, ‘Controversial Opinions’, Times Literary Supplement (here)

Review by Houman Barekat in Red Pepper

David Renton, ‘No Platform: Its History and Prospects’, Live Running (here)

Review by Peter Mandler in Cercles

Shane Burley, ‘Antifa Academics’, Full Stop (here)

Review by Hallam Roffey in Twentieth Century British History

Ian Dobson, ‘The Peasants are Revolting’, Australian Universities Review (here)

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