Review of ‘No Platform’ in Full Stop Mag

It is very exciting to see a review essay by Shane Burley (author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It) for Full Stop magazine on recent anti-fascist scholarship, including my book. You can find the review here. The other two books are Stanislav Vysotsky’s American Antifa and Devin Zane Shaw’s Philosophy of Anti-Fascism.

I am pretty impressed with the conclusion:

“These three books will not be the only academic treatises on the subject, expect dozens in the coming years. But they do set a new standard for how the subject can be addressed by academic authors, where solid research and scholarship does not have to be paired with disinterest and total neutrality on issues of far-right radicalism. As we enter an era of increased tension from the street level forces of Trump’s former base, these types of interventions provide not just a clear picture of where we are, but even some insights into a way forward.”

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