Review of ‘No Platform’ in Twentieth Century British History

I am excited that my book has had its first review in an academic journal, Twentieth Century British History, and can report that it is very positive!

The review, by Hallam Roffey at the University of Sheffield, concludes with the following:

This is, though, a crucial intervention and an imperative text for those interested in freedom of speech, censorship, fascism, academic freedom, and youth and students in modern Britain. It would also be of great benefit and considerable interest to those in the field of modern British history more generally. The tactic of ‘no-platform’ will, no doubt, remain a contested one for the foreseeable future but hopefully this book will go some way to illuminating and contextualizing the debate moving forward, correcting some of the common misunderstandings about its origins and use.

You can read the full review here.

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