So I started a Patreon…

This is just a quick note to let you all know that I have started a Patreon. As someone who is precariously employed, but doing a lot more freelance writing and researching, I thought a Patreon would be worth pursuing. I will be posting stuff on there that would usually go on this blog. Some stuff might be posted here at a later date, but there’ll also be exclusive content. At the higher tier, I plan to scan documents from personal collection and make them available to subscribers. At the highest tier, there will be the opportunity to read works-in-progress and early drafts of my larger writing projects.

I am starting to work on a book length project on the history of the Revolutionary Communist Party and the shift to Spiked, via Living Marxism. As undertaking this research will be quite costly, I am hoping that the Patreon can help with these costs.

I am also starting to look at the history of free speech and academic freedom at Australian universities, which complements my No Platform book.

So if you have enjoyed my writing over the last few years and have the means to do so, please subscribe to my Patreon here.

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