New book chapter on anti-colonialism and communism in Britain, Australia and South Africa

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In September 2017, I travelled to Hamilton, Canada to take part in a workshop held at McMaster University on the Communist International and anti-colonialism, ‘race’ and national liberation, organised by Oleksa Drachewych and Ian McKay. I spoke about my research on the Communist Parties in Britain, Australia and South Africa and anti-colonialism in the inter-war period.

I am pleased to announce that the edited volume arising from the workshop, Left Transnationalism: The Communist International and the National, Colonial and Racial Questions, has been published by McGill-Queen’s University Press. It includes my chapter, ‘Anti-Colonialism and the Imperial Dynamic in the Anglophone Communist Movements in South Africa, Australia and Britain’.

You can order the book (in paperback or cloth) here.

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