New special issue of Contemporary British History on British left and Ireland

I am very pleased to announce that the special issue of Contemporary British History by Matthew Worley and I is now available. The theme of the special issue is the British left and Ireland in the twentieth century. You can find all the articles here.

Here is the TOC:
Introduction: the British left and Ireland in the twentieth century
Evan Smith & Matthew Worley

Divided sisterhood? Nationalist feminism and feminist militancy in England and Ireland
Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

‘As imperialistic as our masters’? Relations between British and Irish communists, 1920–1941
David Convery

The Connolly Association, the Catholic Church, and anti-communism in Britain and Ireland during the early Cold War
Gerard Madden

Two flags in the sand: anti-Communism in early Cold War Northern Ireland
Stephen J. Goss

Northern Ireland and the Far Left, c. 1965 – 1975
Marc Mulholland

The special issue is an extension of the two volumes on the history of the British far left published by Manchester University Press. The paperback edition of the second volume, Waiting for the Revolution, has just been published as well, with a fab new cover! Get it here.

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