Far left book launch at Historical Materialism Sydney (13 Dec)


I am happy to announce that Jon Piccini and I will be launching the book that we have co-edited with Matthew Worley, The Far Left in Australian since 1945, at Historical Materialism Sydney next month. Joining Jon and I will be contributors Ana Stevenson and Isabelle Barrett Meyering, as well as Hannah Forsyth.

The launch will be at the University of Sydney Business School on Thursday 13 December at 4.15pm. More details about HM Sydney are here.

If you can’t attend the book launch, you can still pick the book up on sale for only $40 from Routledge here. Or if you’re in Melbourne, grab a copy from the New International Bookshop.


  1. Hi Evan Have you any plans to promote this book at the SA History Month in May? The SA branch of the Labour History Society could be able to host this at a public session. I also understand you are currently involved in writing up a history of student protests (vs free speech). The SA Labour History branch would also be interested in hearing you on this matter at one of our bimonthly meetings in 2019. Can you let me know if you’d be interested in either (or both) of these? Cheers Ken (Bridge) For the Exec Committee Labour History Society (SA)

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  2. Hi again Evan Please find attached a flyer for the next meeting of the SA Labour History Society, to give you some idea of the format. You’d be welcome to attend any of these meetings of course. Cheers Ken

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