From Powell to Brexit: My interview with the Weekly Worker on ‘race’, anti-racism and the British left

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This week, the CPGB’s Weekly Worker (see here for more info on its background) conducted an interview with me about my forthcoming book, British Communism and the Politics of Race, as well as on my research in general and the anti-racist movement in Britain since the 1960s. You can read the full interview here. It was an interesting experience and some challenging questions!


  1. Comrade Smith
    There is no more certain way of diminishing your standing in left wing circles in Britain than allowing yourself to be featured in the Weekly Worker, almost without exception the house journal of fantasists and self publicists.

  2. Or, alternatively, if you really wanted to go all out to diminish your standing, you could try circulating a ‘newspaper’ that publishes press releases from the Chinese ‘workers’ state’ as good coin. Or recommend Soviet hackworks that frame ‘Trotskyites’ for all manner of imagined indecencies (Nick Wright: “An invaluable first resource for the relations between Trotsky and the Bolsheviks is an excellent Progress Publishers book ‘Against Trotskyism’. Hard to come by nowadays but worth searching for.”) Or you could just get amazingly defensive and shirty when anyone raises up the issue of Straight Left’s attitude to gay people in the 1980s.

    In left-wing terms, I think the above are the equivalent of taking your ‘standing’ and vomiting over it for the next 25 years. In contrast, I think the WW’s crimes are fairly small.

    You are pretty good fun, ‘comrade’ Wright, I’ll give you that.

    Lawrence P

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