CPA pamphlet

Evan Smith (Flinders University), Matthew Worley (University of Reading) and Jon Piccini (University of Queensland) are calling for chapter proposals for an edited volume on the Australian far left in the post-war era (1945 to the present). Expanding on our work looking at the history of the British far left, we believe that a survey of the exciting new work being done of the far left in Australia and its influence on wider Australian political history is due.

We are currently seeking chapter proposals on the following topics:

  • The CPA and Cold War espionage
  • 1956 for the Australian left
  • The peace/nuclear disarmament movement
  • The student left and the anti-Vietnam War movement
  • Radical Marxism since the 1960s (Trotskyism, Maoism, anti-revisionism)
  • Anarchism in Australia
  • ASIO and the new left
  • The left and Indigenous rights
  • The left and the women’s movement
  • The left and gay rights
  • The anti-apartheid movement in Australia
  • Nationalism and internationalism on the far left
  • Trade unionism, the ALP and the left
  • The Green Bans
  • Environmentalism and the Greens as a ‘left’ party
  • Or any other aspect of the Australian far left if suitably interesting.

We welcome proposals from both scholars and activists, but emphasise that chapters must be presented in an academic format, written ‘objectively’ and with references to primary source materials.

An internationally recognised publisher has already shown interest in publishing the collection.

300 word abstracts and a short bio should be sent to: (Please CC in and into all emails)

Please email any editor with any further questions.




  1. Hi Evan,
    This looks like a great volume! I don’t have any capacity to contribute, but there’s some areas I would love to see covered. One the world’s greatest archaeologists, V. Gordon Childe, was a Marxist in Australia, and allegedly took his own life in despair at the way things were playing out in the immediate post-war period. I have a particular interest in Alf Watt, leader of the SA Communist Party, who was a prime mover in protests about the establishment of Woomera in the 1940s/50s. One of my colleagues came across a reference to him while researching in the NT: there seems to have been some kind of internment camp for communists associated with the Maranboy mine?

    I’ll post this CFP to the main archaeology list; there may be someone who is interested in contributing something on the subject of Childe.

    Good luck with the volume!

    Best regards,

    Alice Gorman

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