Launching the Australian Modern British History Network (AMBHN)


This is just a quick plug for the new Facebook group that I help set up today – the Australian Modern British History Network (AMBHN). A few people had been discussing that a British history network was needed for scholars in Australia, whose work is often subsumed by other historical organisations, and it was felt that British history in this country needed its own identity. The FB page was put together today as a way of making connections between those interested in modern British history across Australia and hopefully will develop into something more in the future.

Here is the blurb from the website:

The Australian Modern British History Network (AMBHN) is a group that brings together historians of modern Britain (1688 onwards) and the British Empire/Commonwealth living or working in Australia. This FB page will be used to make announcements, call for papers and the like that would interest historians of Britain and its Empire who are in Australia.

Stay tuned for more!

So if you’re in Australia and have a research interest in modern British history or the history of the British Empire/Commonwealth, join this group. I’m sure it’ll be great.

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