Far left book competition: we have a winner!

The far left book competition seems to be have been a success. We got a bunch of entries to the competition and a number of people got 10 out of 10! A winner was picked by my colleague, Andrekos, out of a cup this afternoon and they have been notified via email.

So for those still in suspense, here are the answers:

  1. What electoral district did Harry Pollitt contest for the Communist Party in a 1949 by-election? As mentioned in the previous post, this was a mix-up and therefore, I accepted two answers. John Mahon contested the seat of St Pancras North in a 1949 by-election. Harry Pollitt contested the seat of Rhondda East in the 1950 general election.
  2. Stuart Hall and Ralph Samuel were both on the editors of which new left journal? Universities and Left Review
  3. Gerry Healy’s The Club was transformed into the Socialist Labour League in which year? 1959
  4. What was the name of the anti-Vietnam War organisation that the CPGB initially supported, in rivalry with the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign? The British Council (later Campaign) for Peace in Vietnam
  5. The first issue of the modern version of Black Dwarf appeared in 1968 (the ‘We Shall Fight, We Shall Win’ edition). What was its volume and issue number? 13/1
  6. In 1972, Peter Doyle, as a member of the Militant Tendency, acquired which position on the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee? Labour Party Young Socialists representative
  7. What was the name of the SWP’s black activist newspaper? Flame
  8. Which factional journal first appeared as a ‘Communist Theoretical Journal’ in the winter of 1981/82? The Leninist
  9. In July 1985, Anti-Fascist Action was established by Red Action, Searchlight, the Newham Monitoring Project and several other groups in which London building? Conway Hall
  10. Who was the first Conservative MP to be interviewed in Marxism Today? Edwina Currie

As I said in the last post, these answers and the result of the competition are considered final and no discussions will be entered into.

So congratulations to the winner and thank you to everyone who entered.


If you weren’t the winner and would still like a copy of the book, it can be purchased slightly cheaper here. Also recommend it for your local library!

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