Interview with John Cooper Clarke in Young Communist League’s Real Life (1983/84)

Real Life was a short-lived magazine produced by the Young Communist League during the early-to-mid-1980s and with the tagline of ‘the theoretical and discussion journal of the YCL’, it looks like it was the 1980s version of the 1960s/70s YCL mag, Cogito. The contact address was the CPGB/YCL offices on St. John Street in London, so it looks as though Real Life was aimed at national distribution, unlike other YCL journals, which were photocopied and distributed at district level around the same time. However the reach of the magazine was probably limited because, as discussed in this article, the YCL was collapsing in the 1980s.

I was lucky enough to obtain several issues of Real Life from Left on the Shelf books and came across this short interview with legendary punk-poet John Cooper Clarke, which featured in issue 6 from the winter of 1983-84. I thought other readers of this blog might be interested in this (probably) difficult to find interview, so I have scanned it for posterity. So enjoy and let me know if it is difficult to read. (click to enlarge)

Real Life JCC_Page_1

Real Life JCC_Page_2

Real Life JCC_Page_3

Real Life JCC_Page_4

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