10 books I want to read in 2014

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Over the holiday period, I’ve been putting together my list of desired books for 2014. Some will be useful for my research, and some are for just general reading purposes. They are all non-fiction. And although I love buying books, they can be expensive, so I might have to picky in my purchases (or hope that some journal asks me to review them). So without further delay, here are my top 10 new books that I want to read over the next 12 months (in no particular order):

Karl  Ittman, A Problem of Great Importance: Population, Race, and Power in the British Empire, 1918-1973 (University of California Press)

Ken Keable (ed.), London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid  (Merlin Press)

Holger Nehring, Politics of Security: British and West German Protest Movements and the Early Cold War, 1945-1970 (Oxford University Press)

Diane Frost & Peter North, Militant Liverpool:A City on the Edge (Liverpool University Press)

Roger Fieldhouse & Richard Taylor (eds), E.P. Thompson and English Radicalism (Manchester University Press)

Sheila Fitzpatrick, A Spy in the Archives (Melbourne University Publishing)

Wade Matthews, The New Left, National Identity, and the Break-Up of Britain (Brill)

John Hutnyk, Pantomime Terror: Music and Politics (Zero Books)

Christian Hogsbjerg, C.L.R. James in Imperial Britain (Duke University Press)

Robin Bunce & Paul Field, Darcus Howe: A Political Biography (Bloomsbury)

There are a few others that I haven’t posted, but 10 is a neat, round number. I hope I get to read them all. When I posted a similar list in 2012, I ended up only reading four or five of them. But there’s still time!

So readers, what books are you looking forward to reading this year? Are there any books that I really should be reading?

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  1. Many thanks for the mention – and a good list.
    I would add to your list – to be going on with – :
    CLR James, The Dialectics of State Capitalism: Writings on Marxist Theory, 1940–1956 (edited by Scott McLemee) (Haymarket)
    Bryan D Palmer, Revolutionary Teamsters. The Minneapolis Truckers’ Strikes of 1934 (Brill/Haymarket)
    David Scott, Omens of Adversity: Tragedy, Time, Memory, Justice
    (Duke Uni Press)
    Gajendra Singh, The Testimonies of Indian Soldiers and the Two World Wars (Bloomsbury)
    and of course Evan Smith and Matthew Worley ‘Against the Grain: The British Far-Left from 1956’ (Manchester Uni Press)

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