Help me find a good home for these noise/electro/post-rock CDs

Another break from the research side of things. I’m currently trying to declutter my house and have decided that the CD collection needs culling. So I’ve got a bunch of noise/electro/post-rock CDs that need good homes. A few are promos that I got during my zine days and the Digital Hardcore Recordings ones come with info sheets. I’m thinking of putting them up here and on facebook first, seeing if anyone’s interested. Prices are $5 for full albums and $2 for CD singles/EPs (Australian), plus postage. Will post worldwide. And I now have paypal! Let me know if you’re interested in anything via email.

So here’s the list:

Alec Empire Intelligence and Sacrifice Promo 2xCD album (DHR)

Alec Empire Addicted To You (Raw Mixes) CD single (DHR)

Alec Empire Gotta Get Out CD single (DHR)

Aphex Twin The Classics CD album (Distance)

Boredoms Super ae CD album (Birdman)

Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun CD album (Warner)

Cex Oops, I Did It Again! Promo CD album (Rock Action)

Enemymine s/t CD EP (K Records)

Fidel Villeneuve Kill Life CD album (DHR/Less Than Twenty)

The Gossip Standing in the Way of Control: Australian Tour EP CD EP (Popfrenzy)

Gravy Train!!! Are You Wigglin? CD album (Kill Rock Stars)

I Heart Hiroshima A Three Letter Word for Candy CD EP (Valve)

Jemima Jemima Redcoats CD album (UAR)

Kid606 Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You CD album (Ipecac)

Kid606 The Soccergirl EP CD EP (Carpark)

Life Without Buildings Any Other City CD album (Trifekta)

Lolita Storm Red Hot Riding Hood CD single (DHR)

Lolita Storm Sick Slits CD EP (DHR)

The Long Blondes Once and Never Again CD Maxi single (Rough Trade)

Love of Diagrams We Got Communication CD EP (UAR)

Make Up Save Yourself Promo CD album (K Records)

Motormark Eat Drink Sleep Think CD single (DHR)

Nic Endo Cold Metal Perfection CD album (DHR/Geist)

Patric Catani Attitude PC8 CD album (DHR) 

Schneider ™ KPT.michi.gan>>>binokular CD EP (City Slang)

Sekiden 1+1=Heartache CD single (Shock)

Sekiden Up in the Air CD EP (Valve)

She Satellites Poison Lips CD album (DHR/Fatal)

Sigur Ros & Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson Angels of the Universe soundtrack Promo CD album (Fat Cat)

Stereolab Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements CD album (Elektra)

The Streets Everything is Borrowed Promo CD single (Warner)

Wolf & Cub s/t CD EP (Dot Dash)


Christoph de Babalon If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It CD album (DHR)

Die! Die! Die! s/t CD album (OK Relax!)

Hanin Elias In Flames CD EP (DHR/Fatal)

Atomsmasher s/t CD album (Double H Noise)

Beastie Boys Triple Trouble (Dexter from The Avalanches Remix) Promo CD single (Capitol)

Fantomas Experiment in Terror Promo CD single (Ipecac)

Damn Arms Homewrecker CD single (Timberyard)

Curse Ov Dialect Lost in the Real Sky CD album (Valve)

The Curse of the Golden Vampire s/t CD album (DHR)

EC8OR Dynamite CD single (DHR)

Patric Catani Snuff Out CD EP (DHR Ltd)

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