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In case you were wondering, here’s an update on the far left edited collection being put together by Matthew Worley and myself. Against the Grain: The British far left since 1956 is currently at the copy-edit stage with Manchester University Press and we anticipate a release date in April/May 2014. We are hoping to have launches for the book in London and Manchester in late June 2014.

We are very excited about this forthcoming volume and the wider range of topics covered, by new and established scholars. A chapter/author list will be posted in the near future, but the book will include chapters on the following subjects:

  • the transmission of Trotsky’s ideas amongst the Labour left
  • the first new left
  • the political education of young radicals in the 1950s/60s
  • the trajectories of Militant/SP and the IS/SWP
  • the development of anti-revisionism inside the CPGB
  • opposition groups inside the CPGB
  • anarchism in the 1980s
  • Red Action and the AFA
  • the far left and women’s liberation
  • the far left and gay/lesbian rights
  • the far left and the ‘Third World’
  • the far left and the anti-racist movement 
  • militant anti-fascism in the 21st century

Further information on publication date and chapter titles/authors will be made available soon.

Thanks for the interest people have already shown in the forthcoming book.

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