Counting down the top 10 posts of 2013

countdown1Everyone does a list at this time of year and this blog is no different. For those who have recently tuned in to Hatful of History, here’s a countdown of the most read posts this year, from 10 to 1:

10. The legacy of Enoch Powell

9. Inside the paranoid Maoist cults of 1970s Britain

8. History and the Notion of Authenticity in Control and 24 Hour Party People

7. Seeking the origins of a racist Tory slogan at Smethwick 1963-64

6. The British left and BME workers

5. UKIP, the BNP/EDL and the political space on the far right

4. Unravelling the Thatcherite narrative: The 1981 riots

3. Is 2013 the Socialist Workers’ Party’s 1956?

2. Is this a turning point for the British far left?

And number 1 is…

1. Families divided then and now: UK spousal visa requirements 1976 and 2013


So there you have it. It seems the extremes of British politics, the far left and the SWP, as well as UKIP, the BNP and the far right, have both been popular subjects with readers. But by far, the most read post is one on the requirements for UK spousal visas – I am not sure how many find this page by mistake after looking for genuine advice in Google.

If you haven’t checked all of these posts out yet, please do so. And happy 2014!

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