Communist Party of Australia pamphlets digitised by State Library of Victoria

This is just a quick post to let people know of an amazing online collection of Communist Party of Australia pamphlets digitised (and available for public access) by the State Library of Victoria. It is difficult to link to the exact spot in the catalogue, but if you click on this link, it should take you to the catalogue using the keyword ‘communist party of australia’ with the option of showing only online resources. If you click that, this will allow you to peruse (and print/download) the 101 CPA pamphlets that the SLV have digitised. This is a fantastic resource for those interested in Australian labour history. The pamphlets range from pre-CPA Australian Socialist Party’s 1919 manifesto Australia and the World Revolution to the CPA’s A Programme for the People from the Party of Peace from the late 1940s.

CPA pamphlet

I won’t link to all 101 pamphlets, but thought I’d mention some of the gems in the collection:

Australia’s Part in the World Revolution (click here): An outline of the CPA’s adherence to the politics of the ‘Third Period’ and evidence to prove to Moscow that the Party was following the Comintern line, published in 1930.

Unite for Peace, Freedom, Democracy (click here): The draft programme of the CPA from its 1938 Congress at the height of the pre-1939 Popular Front era.

Communism: An Outline for Everyone (click here): A pamphlet based on something written by the CPGB, rewritten by R.W. Robson, and published in 1943 as pro-Sovietism and the Communist Party reached their popular heights.

Programme of the Australian Communist Party (click here): In 1945, the CPA, like many Communist Parties around the world, believed that Soviet victory had laid groundwork for further socialist revolution and this pamphlet presents the CPA at its most optimistic. Although a Labor Government was in power, the CPA, unlike the CPGB, were more sceptical about what it could achieve and pushed for militant action against the Chifley Government.

The Communist Way Forward (click here): This pamphlet, written by J.D. Blake and published the Party’s Victoria Branch, encapsulates the militant attitude that CPA encompassed in the late 1940s that progressed with the ‘two camps’ thesis promoted by the Cominform in 1947-48.

Happy hunting left-wing trainspotters! Thanks State Library of Victoria!

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