One year of blogging dangerously

So I’ve been blogging for a year now. Who would’ve thought that I could keep up this caper for this long? I started this blog as something to showcase my various research projects (as a casual academic I didn’t have a staff page) but in my new role, I have used it to develop and discuss my research ideas, as well as let people know about publications, papers and other things of note. It has been fun, as well as bit of time-drain, but it has really helped me refine my ideas and I’ve got some great feedback from various readers. It has also attracted a lot more people to my publications – the download figures of my articles since I’ve started blogging have been significantly higher.

For those keeping score, the most viewed posts for the past year are:

1. Is this a turning point for the British far left?

2. Families divided then and now: UK spousal visa requirements in 1976 and 2013

3. The British left and BME workers: A response to Anna Chen

4. UKIP, the BNP/EDL and the political space of the far right

5. Unravelling the Thatcherite narrative: The 1981 riots and Thatcher’s ‘crisis years’

I was going to write something about the pros and cons of writing an academic/research blog, but I think most of us have read the same thing about academic blogs before. If any budding academic is considering starting a research blog, I would encourage them to do so, but be prepared to dedicate many hours to it. It won’t count towards your research publications, but it allows you to develop your research amongst like-minded people and is a great tool for promoting your research (particularly when most academic journal articles are never read!)

So thank you to everybody who has read my blog, and a further thanks to everyone who has given me feedback. You’re all fab.


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