Two commentaries on Syria and ‘humanitarian’ intervention

I don’t have time to really write something on the prospect of Western intervention in Syria (I’ve got grant applications to write!) but I thought I’d mention two posts on the subject that I think highlight the pitfalls of intervening in Syria for the sake of ‘doing something’.

The first is ‘Syria: The Path to Hell’ by Phil BC on his blog, A Very Public Sociologist. The second is ‘Five Reasons Military Intervention in Syria is Wrong’ by my colleague at Flinders University Matt Fitzpatrick, posted at ABC’s The Drum.

As a historian, I would say that while history can teach us about possible outcomes of actions we take, we should not look at contemporary events solely through the palimpsest of past events. Syria is not Nazi Germany, nor is it Serbia or Rwanda in the 1990s, or Iraq in the 1980s.

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