Two new Smiths tumblrs


It’s Saturday night, so I thought I’d quickly mention two Smiths-related tumblr blogs that I’ve just come across.

Firstly, the This Charming Charlie tumblr has been all over the internet in the last week, with a witty combination of Peanuts comic panels and Smiths lyrics.

Secondly, the Home is Where the Art Is tumblr takes stills from the films that inspired the lyrics of The Smiths or have ended up on the band’s record sleeves. There are a few that have had me stumped – I can’t pick the link to the film The Family Way. 

So there you go. Visit them now.



  1. In the Meat Is Murder tour programme Morrissey listed Majorie Rhodes, from The Family Way as his favourite actress. The film includes the lines:
    “Give us a shout if you want your back scrubbed”
    “It’s a funny thing, nature, it always finds a way”
    “It was you that kept her tied to your apron strings”
    “I just wanted to see the girl happy”
    “What have you got behind your mind?”

    Flax has done such a great job with his two Morrissey/Smiths inspired sites. (the first was Paint A Vulgar Picture)

  2. Hi Melissa, thanks for that. Flax actually emailed me and told me that the covers for the ‘I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish’ and ‘Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before’ singles are both from ‘The Family Way’.

    Anyone interested in seeing these covers, Flax has high quality scans of all the Smiths covers at:

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