Special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly on UK 2011 riots (featuring Paul Gilroy)


The latest issue of South Atlantic Quarterly has a section dedicated to articles on the UK 2011 riots, edited by Ben Trott. There is a great mix of articles from David Harvie & Keir Milburn, Rodrigo Nunes and Sarah Lamble, as well as an interview with Reading the Riots author Paul Lewis by Trott. But the stand out article for me is by Paul Gilroy, which compares the 2011 riots with those that occurred in 1981 and 1985. Access to the issue seems to be free at the moment, so I suggest you check out the articles as soon as possible!

(And if you are interested in other analyses of the riots, the special ‘Reading the Riot Act’ issue of the Journal for Cultural Research can be found here – with my own article on the comparisons between the 2011 and 1981 riots)

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