100th blog post!

Since late August 2012, I have been blogging on my research (and other things of interest) and now 10 months later, I have reached 100 posts! It has been fun, yet time consuming, but it has opened up some great research opportunities and I’ve met (virtually) some great fellow academics. I would heartily recommend blogging as a great way of ‘networking’ for early career researchers, but as Morrissey sang once, these things take time. I’m surprised I made it to 100.


Just for the record, the most popular posts over the last 10 months have been:

1. Is this a turning point for the British far left?

2. Unravelling the Thatcherite narrative: The 1981 riots and Thatcher’s ‘crisis years’

3. Gary Foley and The Clash

4. What can The Young Ones teach us about Thatcherism? Part One

5. The CPGB’s 1957 Special Congress

Hopefully the next 100 posts will just as exciting…


Thanks to everyone who has read this blog. You’re all super.

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