“Reading the Riot Act”: New special issue of Journal for Cultural Research on UK 2011 Riots available now

The latest issue of the Journal for Cultural Research has just been released titled ‘Reading the Riot Act’, which is a special issue of the UK 2011 riots (available here). Edited by Rupa Huq, the special issue has six articles on the different aspects of the riots, with articles by Huq, Tom Henri & John Hutnyk, Gargi Bhattacharyya, Sivamohan Valluvan, Nisha Kapoor & Virinder S. Kaira, Caroline Rooney and myself (abstract here). The editorial introduction by Huq outlines the reason for the special issue:

This special edition of Journal for Cultural Research  attempts to go beyond kneejerk responses one might hear in the seminar room or street and instead gathers together considered, deliberative academic articles from different geographical locations and disciplinary perspectives to look at the riots one year now that the dust has settled on to some extent. (p. 1)

I’m really excited to have an article included in this special issue, alongside some big names in cultural studies and sociology. I really enjoyed reading the other articles, especially Huq’s mention of The Smiths!

As usual, if you don’t have access to this journal, email me and I can send you a copy of my article.

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