London Migrant Hub: Guest post on the body and border control project

The London Migrant Hub, run by students as City University London, has recently posted a guest blogpost by Marinella Marmo and myself on our project ‘The Body and UK Border Control’. It gives a brief overview of our project, the theoretical foundations, the methodology used and its relevance to contemporary migration issues. It also mentions some of the outputs from the project so far.

Marinella and I would like to thank Rae for her offer of the guest post and her assistance in putting it on the website.

On a sidenote from this, I was also happy to see that Oxford Journals is now launching a new journal called Migration Studies in 2013. For further information about this exciting new journal, see here. The editor of the journal is Alan Gamlen, from Victoria University in New Zealand, whose article in The Guardian I discussed in earlier post.

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