Parker on CPGB history ‘myths’

Following on from this post, I thought some people might be interested in Lawrence Parker’s talk at the launch of his book into anti-revisionist (or left) opposition in the Communist Party of Great Britain, The Kick Inside. The CPGB’s Weekly Worker has reproduced the talk here. Parker rightly argues that the splits that developed in the CPGB in the 1970s and 1980s went beyond the ‘tankies’ and the ‘Euros’ (what I tend to refer to as the ‘traditionalist’ wing and the ‘reformer’ wing) and identifies at least five different groups within the Party at the time.

On a related note, the history of the far left collection being edited by Matt Worley and myself is coming along nicely. The chapters are being finalised (including one on opposition within the CPGB) and it is looking to be a great collection. I am currently writing the introduction and should have it done before I head off to the UK in February. We are hoping that the final product should be available by early 2014 from Manchester University Press.

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