Another example of racist sloganeering in 1964 election

Following on from this post last week, I found this leaflet on the Hayes Peoples’ History blog today (although this posted back in 2010):

Tory leaflet

The leaflet was apparently circulated in South Lambeth in 1964. I don’t think that this would have produced by the Conservatives, but by one of the anti-immigrant pressure groups (or even the fascist groups) around at the time. The fact that it calls for a Tory vote suggests to me that it is more likely the work of one of these pressure groups (ala the Racial Preservation Society, the Birmingham Immigration Control Association or the Southall Residents Association), rather than one of the fascist parties, who often put up their own candidates for election. The idea of a ‘Ministry of Repatriation’ was popularised by Enoch Powell in the late 1960s after his ‘rivers of blood’ speech, but was not something (I believe) was considered by the Conservatives at this time (except, maybe, for a few backbenchers). It is also interesting to note that the flyer says that the Tories ‘once in office’ will introduce repatriation, but in 1964, the Tories were already in office!

So who produced this flyer? Who knows…

Any suggestions?

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