Archive of Manchester’s City Fun zine now online

The Manchester post-punk zine City Fun is now available online via the Manchester District Music Archive. The zine first appeared in the late 1970s and was produced through the early 1980s, charting the rise of the Manchester music scene during this period, with articles on The Fall, the Buzzcocks, The Smiths and the whole Joy Division/New Order/Factory label milieu. The (fully searchable) online archive can be found here.

City Fun cover


EDIT: After a comment posted by Dave Haslam, I have changed this post to acknowledge that he was not the creator of, or writer for, City Fun. My apologies for this sincere error.


  1. I didn’t run or even write for ‘City Fun’!!! Where did you get that impression? I was a reader of the fanzine and have always loved it. I have been one of the prime movers behind sorting the digital archive, which is indeed worth a visit. But you’ve misrepresented me and the fanzine here. Wires crossed???

  2. Dave, sorry for this. I must’ve got mixed-up with your involvement in the digital archive. I apologise to you and the makers of City Fun for this. I have amended the post accordingly.

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