The deadline for the Australasian Association for European History 2013 conference draws nigh

The deadline for the submission of abstracts for the 2013 conference of the Australasian Association for European History, to be held at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand (2-5 July), closes on October 31. The theme of the conference is ‘Faultlines: Cohesion and Division in Europe from the 18th Century to the 21st’. Keynote speakers for the conference include Geoff Eley, Joanna Burke and Peter McPhee. The website of the AAEH is here and the CFP can be downloaded from here.

The AAEH is a great conference that brings together historians of Europe and their empires from across Australia and New Zealand, as well as guests from overseas, and is held biannually. It is a particularly good for conference for postgraduates, giving them an opportunity to present their work to, and interact with, like-minded scholars.

A selection of papers presented at the conference are usually published in a special issue of the Australian Journal of Politics and History. The September 2012 issue featured a selection of papers from the AAEH conference held in Perth in July 2011.

In previous years, Australian Humanities Press has also published a proceedings of the conference, complimentary to the AJPH special issue. These previous proceedings can be found (and bought from) here, here and here.

The AAEH conference is a pretty nice conference to attend and it is a chance to go to New Zealand. I will be submitting my abstract this week and I hope to see many fellow historians there!


  1. How does one join the AAEH?

    I’ve been looking for membership details and can’t find anything?


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