A month has passed (doing the numbers on my blog)

As of today, my blog is one month old. It has been a learning experience for me, but it has been quite fun too. It has been difficult not to let it dominate my thought, although it has to compete with article writing, archival research, literature writing and social media navigating for my attention (not to mention family and social life).

One of the fascinating features of blog writing is looking at the metrics of the blog. As an academic exercise, I thought I would do some basic analysis of the blog’s numbers.

Overall, I have had 958 visitors to my site in the first month (c’mon people, let’s make it an even 1,000!) The most views I have had in one day is 147, which was after I wrote a post on Gary Foley and The Clash. According to the wise sage known as the Internet, the average number of visitors to my page is 29.

The post with the most views is the one on Gary Foley and The Clash with 228 views.   This is greatly more significant in numbers than the next highest, which was my post on historians and the contemporary record, that has had 72 views.

Unremarkably most of the visitors to my blog are from Australia with 522 views, followed by the US (203) and the UK (138), but interestingly, Greece and France are in fourth and fifth places (with 23 and 17 respectively).

I like to think of my blog as a portal to wonders of the Internet (just kidding) and the  ‘most clicked’ links from my blog have been to a YouTube clip of The Clash live with Gary Foley from 1982 and a clip from the short film, Green Bush. On the other end, most of these who have clicked on my blog have been referred by Facebook (despite my lack of a Facebook account)!

My blog has not really been the feature of many google searches so far, but of those who have come across my page via search engines, most have been searching for ‘CPGB’, but the best search term has been ‘stupid things Morrissey has said’.

So there you have it, a month’s worth of blogging number-crunched. Now is anyone reading this still?

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