The Selecter are coming to Adelaide, but Morrissey is not.

Walking through the city yesterday, I saw this poster. That’s right, UK ska legends The Selecter are coming to Adelaide in November. Yay! We already saw The Specials at Thebarton Theatre earlier this year, and The English Beat played at Folwer’s a few weeks ago (although we missed that one) – it’s like a trifecta of 2-Tone bands! (Yes, I know that The Beat weren’t actually signed to 2-Tone, but they were on the Dance Crazy soundtrack) I also missed the Bad Manners show at The Gov in January, but oh well, that doesn’t really count. (I also missed out on seeing Madness two years ago, but did see The Beat with Rankin’ Roger at Enigma Bar back in 2006) Looks like I’ll have to get out the Fred Perry shirt for this one!

In other news, Morrissey has decided to tour Australia, but only do east coast dates. I’m conflicted over what to do. On one hand, he is the Patron-Saint of this blog the man who sang The Queen is Dead and Handsome Devil, but on the other hand, he will probably do a lot of songs from his mediocre post-You are the Quarry albums. I’ll just have to hold onto the memory of seeing him at Trafford Park in 2004, rather than shelling out the megabucks to see him in Melbourne.

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