Ten New Books I’m Dying to Read

Here is a list of the ten books published in 2012 that I’m keen to get my hands on (in no particular order):

Andy Croft (ed.) – After the Party: Reflections on Life since the CPGB (Lawrence & Wishart)

Jenny Hocking – Gough Whitlam: His Time (Melbourne University Press)

Alexandra Hall – Border Watch: Cultures of Immigration, Detention and Control (Pluto Press)

Seth Rosenfeld – Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals and the Reagan’s Rise to Power (Macmillan)

Richard Seymour – American Insurgents: A Brief History of American Anti-Imperialism (Haymarket Books)

Ben Jackson & Robert Saunders (eds) – Making Thatcher’s Britain (Cambridge University Press)

Tom Vickers – Refugees, Capitalism and the British State (Ashgate)

Daniel Trilling – Bloody Nasty People: The Rise of Britain’s Far Right (Verso)

Daniel Briggs (ed.) – The English Riots of 2011: A Summer of Discontent (Waterside Press)

Emily Robinson – History, Heritage and Tradition in Contemporary British Politics: Past Politics and Present Histories (Manchester University Press)

Looks like it’s going to be a big book-buying season!

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