For those interested in history and popular culture

I have recently come across two websites that would interest those who are interested in history, politics and popular/youth culture. The first is an online journal edited by Dutch scholar Elke Weesjes titled United Academics: Journal of Social Sciences. The last two issues have been dedicated ‘rhythms and rebellions’, with articles on punk in various parts of Europe, Joe Strummer (of The Clash), rap in Cuba and music festivals in Morocco. The latest issue can be found here: 

The second is a blog titled The Ascent of Manchester and is a mixture of discussions about the history and politics of Manchester, the music of the city and Manchester’s football legacy. The writing is clear and engaging, and there’s a lot of stuff worth reading (although I abhor United and Man City).  Having used to live in Eccles (and continue to be a frequent visitor to the city for research purposes), I read this blog with a warm nostalgic glow inside. The blog can be found here:

Are there similar blogs that people can recommend?

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