Youth Culture and Politics in Contemporary British History Journal

My co-editor on the history of the British far left project, Matthew Worley, Reader in History at the University of Reading, has just had an article published in Contemporary British History journal on the reception of punk by the far left and far right in Britain during the late 1980s. The article forms part of a special issue of youth culture and politics in post-war Britain, with other articles by Keith Gildart (on the Kinks), Bill Osgerby (on ‘Bovver’ books), William ‘Lez’ Henry (on rastafarianism and DJ culture), Anna Gough-Yates (on Shocking Pink) and Lucy Robinson (on charity singles in the 1980s!).

You can find access to the articles here:


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  1. Not a comment about this specific post, but about the blog generally; very much enjoying it, and it’s a great way to keep up with your range of hitorical interests. Congratulations.

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