• New article on RCP and the red front

    This is just a quick announcement that my article on the Revolutionary Communist Party’s The Red Front has been published by Contemporary British History journal. I started working on this in 2017 and the final article is over 20,000 words. You can find it here.

  • New article on alien registration in inter-war australia

    This is just a quick announcement that my article ‘The Bureaucratic Limits of a National Security Agenda: The Winding Road of Alien Registration in Interwar Australia’ has been published in Australian Historical Studies journal. You can download it here. If you don’t have access, please get in touch!

  • ‘Rather swamped’: Thatcher, moral panics and racist rhetoric

    There has been shock at the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, using the word ‘invasion’ in a parliamentary speech to describe the arrival of those seeking asylum in Britain. However, this kind of rhetoric has a much longer history, with politicians since the 1890s using the term ‘invasion’ and similar phrases. The following post is about […]

  • Article on polarisation in Jacobin

    I am very excited to announce that Jacobin published a piece by Aurelien Mondon and myself on the centrist myth of polarisation and the false equivalence of radicalism on the right and left in the liberal mainstream. You can read the piece here. Aurelien and I are also pleased to see that it has been […]

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